Top VPN for Mac

Most Mac users think their laptops are impenetrable. However, it turns out hackers and cybercriminals target them more and more often. It won’t hurt to add an extra layer of protection by using a VPN. Online security is a huge and very important question nowadays. Let’s find out what VPN can give up and how to pick one if you are a Mac user.

The advantages of using VPN

When you visit websites, you share your personal information. It not only includes IP address but often such data like credit card information, home address, etc. Using a VPN, you hide this data and by doing it, you protect it. VPN means a Virtual Private Network. It has some extra perks. For instance, you can access the websites that are blocked in your region by connecting through the servers from other countries. It often concerns watching foreign shows, shopping, etc. Most of the VPN providers don’t log or store your activities and won’t share with any third-party companies. However, it’s important to double check this very feature to know for sure. Moreover, you’ll stay protected when you use public Wi-Fi spots.

Best VPN services

Here we’ll take a look at the most popular providers like:

  • ExpressVPN;
  • Hotspot Shield;
  • CyberGhost;
  • NordVPN.

ExpressVPN is the best overall choice as it has a very simple Mac app. It secures high speeds and remains user-friendly. One click and you are on. However, this is not the cheapest provider and you need to face it. The service allows you to connect thousands of server from over 94 countries. Hotspot Shield is another great option you should take a closer look at. It’s cheap and delivers great speeds. The simple interface has basically one button you press to turn on to the fastest server. In case you have a specific country in mind, you can choose from the list of over 25 countries (2500 servers). There is also a free version which is limited but still good enough to see how things work. CyberGhost offers its users over 3 700 servers in 60+ countries. One of the biggest advantages of this provider is the variety of extra smart features. It delivers excellent performance. Good news for the torrent fan, CyberGhost supports torrenting. NordVPN is also a very straightforward and secure provider. You can use over 5 300 servers located in 60 countries. The peculiarity of this company is double encryption and good performance. You can be calm about your personal information when using this extension. In addition, it has a 7-day free trial you can get to see if NordVPN meets your needs.

The conclusion

Sometimes the most popular VPN provider is not the best for you. Think about why you need it and what you expect to pick a company that offers the necessary features. In addition, you should evaluate its simplicity and reliability. Get more information on the encryption and protocols used to keep your information and device safe.