The Best Cheap Antivirus and Why You Need It

Choosing antivirus software is probably the most important thing you need to do before going online or using a PC, for that matter. New threats appear daily. They can not only harm you by stealing your personal information, money from your credit cards but can also steal files and damage them. If you want to keep your devices safe, you should think twice which security software to install. While there are lots of options, people tend to look for the one with a reasonable price. Let’s make a list of the most affordable and yet reliable antivirus programs.

Things to look for in a cheap antivirus software

One of the easiest way to choose it to rely on the company’s reputation. Such big names as Bitdefender, Norton, ESET NOD32, Kaspersky, etc. have built their reputation as the most trusting programs.

If you don’t want to buy software just by this factor, it’s a great idea to find out the results of the tests run by the independent labs. Basically, they install the system and then attack it with all existing threats. Read the reviews and you are sure to find out which one did the best job detecting malware and protecting PC from threats.

The cheapest antivirus software

While there are some cheaper versions, Bitdefender is going to be your best choice. No other company offers so much in the pack. You can buy Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019 for about $50 per year. In addition, you can get a discount (up to 60%!) and reduce the price even more. Why should you get this software?

  • It’s accurate.
  • There’s a password manager included.
  • It has a VPN (limited but still).
  • Lots of privacy tools.
  • Great ransomware protection.

Mind that it works on Windows-running devices only. Hundreds of millions of users choose this antivirus software because of its simplicity. Although it’s packed with features, the interface is user-friendly and can be easily navigated.

If you doubt this option works for you, there’s always a chance to get 30 days for free. It’s more than enough to test the system for yourself and make sure you like it.

The second best option

Another software with great price tag is Sophos Home Premium. The reasonable price of $30 per year delivers great protection to all the devices (up to 10). When you get this software system, you’ll also get a mobile app which is a great bonus to protect your smartphones.

It lacks some features like file shredding or local network. However, you get comprehensive protection modules and a dedicated ransomware module. It’s more than enough to keep your devices safe both online and offline.

The good news is that it works not only on Windows but also Mac OS and Android.

Should you buy antivirus or download a free one?

Free antivirus software will never deliver the same level of protection the paid version does. They often come with limited features. So, it should depend on how important the content of your PC is and what you do when you go online.