Is Avast Secure Browser Better Than Chrome?

Two years ago Avast introduced a free product called Avast Secure Browser. It exploits the Chromium engine. This product is aimed to optimize surfing speeds, offer a high level of privacy, and protect users from different forms of threats in cyberspace.

Meanwhile, no browser can provide users with the ultimate security as they are fully dependable on the website’s users’ visit. As per password and data security, Chrome can provide users with good security unless the device gets infected by any virus. It’s important to note that Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world. That means it’s also the most luscious browser in the world for hackers. So is Avast Secure Browser better than Chrome? Let’s look at its features.

The Main Features of Avast Secure Browser

This solution has a few built-in browser extensions, including the following benefits: ad-blocking, password management, VPN, privacy cleaner, bank mode. Moreover, it provides users with some useful instruments:

  • Anti-Fingerprinting (with this option users can be sure that no one has a possibility to track data);
  • Anti-Phishing (it allows blocking suspicious websites and unsafe downloads);
  • Extension Guard (this feature focuses on blocking untrusted extensions);
  • Flash Blocker (this tool allows optimization through blocking flash content);
  • Stealth Mode (it provides cookies liquidation).

Is Avast Secure Better Than Other Popular Browsers?

It’s worth noting, that, Avast’s solution has lots in common with. Thus, Chrome lovers would like the browser from Avast.

However, there are more privacy and useful features available with the Avast. Test results showed that this browser offers almost the same speed possibilities as Chrome.

Possibly, the main benefit of Avast is that it is the best player in terms of protecting users against tracking in cyberspace. This is especially true in the case of using a VPN.

Other browsers lack some unique features that Avast’s browser can offer. For example, this is anti-fingerprinting and bank mode. The anti-phishing option is also strong enough for users who may be vulnerable to threats, related to phishing.

However, the high level of security and privacy protection, there are some weaknesses of Avast’s solution:

  • light performance reduction (because of advanced tools);
  • with Avast users are not able to uninstall default extensions provided by the browser;
  • it could be connected with the ecosystem of Chrome to provide users with more tools.

Although, lots of the possibilities users can miss from Chrome are exactly what makes the browser from Avast more safe and private. Users are welcome to evaluate the feature of each browser and then make a choice, depending on expectations and requirements.