The Best Free Antivirus

Every user should install reliable antivirus software to shield his PC and files from all sorts of threats, malware, and viruses. However, what can you do if you are not willing to spend money on this software? The answer is quite obvious. You must look for the best free antivirus and rely on it.

The choice of this kind of software usually takes time. You need to learn more about the options you can get and compare them to pick something to your taste. The question arises: what do you want? As soon as you honestly answer it, you’ll know exactly what to look for. This might be just the core protection or a bundle with other security tools. Let’s go over a few options that are likely to satisfy you and bring excellent protection free of charge.

The best antivirus you can use for free

There is no doubt, the best internet security of 2019 is Bitdefender. This is probably the best antivirus software on the market that offers a variety of subscription plans and a free version. Mind that free antivirus is limited in features but still keeps the guard up and protects your files.

In case you are ready to upgrade and widen the selection of tools and features, you’ll be pleased to know how affordable it is. The paid subscription plan costs about $50 per year and supports several devices simultaneously. This is also a good idea to look for promotions and coupons before you complete the deal. It’ll cut the cost even more.

The advantages of the best free antivirus include:

  • Excellent ransomware protection.
  • A limited VPN which is enough for the daily activities.
  • It’s very configurable.
  • There are lots of tools and extra features for privacy protection.

The company has millions of loyal users. This speaks volumes about the quality of services you get regardless of the version you use. Besides, you can start from the 30-day free trial version and experience all the tools for free or get your money reimbursed.

Another decent option to consider

If you don’t like Bitdefender for some reason, you may explore other options and find a few alternatives to meet your needs and expectations. For instance, you can get Avast Antivirus. The company is popular all over the world for providing the best free antivirus software to hundreds of millions of users.

You can easily install the best free antivirus and enjoy high-quality protection. The unavailable features will be grey and you can only access them when you upgrade. However, even without them, you’ll have plenty of tools and decent protection.

The conclusion

No matter which antivirus software you pick, it’s essential to find out more about it beforehand. Get the reviews and the results of the tests from the independent labs.