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Pros and Benefits From Nord VPN

NordVPN is officially registered in Panama, and this jurisdiction is offshore. Companies that have received documents in such countries are not subject to traditional taxation and regulatory exposure. Therefore, customers of the service can be completely sure that no information about them will be transferred to third parties under any circumstances. Also, the service does not save any data about its users, since it does not maintain log files. The reliability of NordVPN has already been tested by time, the reputation of the service is impeccable and it does everything to provide users with safe access to the Internet. On the company's website, you can see the official audit conducted by Big Four, which confirms that all the stated information about the safety of customers and the confide

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Linux VS Mac VS Windows

An Operating System is the essential software that operates on the system. It is necessary for managing the memory and processes of the computer. The operating system also takes care of the hardware and software installed on the computer. It plays an essential role as a communicative medium between the machine and the user. A laptop or PC is useless if there is no operating system. Here we will discuss three popular operating systems, i.e., Windows, macOS, and Linux. Windows To date, Microsoft Windows holds 90% of the laptops and PC market share throughout the world, which means that nine out of every ten PC and laptops sold in the market are compatible with Windows. The reason behind this is that Windows has a variety of software and hardware. Microsoft vends Windows licenses to any lap

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